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Penyelesaian ganti rugi tanah akibat luapan lumpur lapindo di porong kabupaten Sidoarjo

Ilah, Saiful (2014) Penyelesaian ganti rugi tanah akibat luapan lumpur lapindo di porong kabupaten Sidoarjo. Jurnal Hukum Ekonomi dan Bisnis, 12 (1).

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The mud bursts that were originally predicted as ordinary bursts. The condition further developed into panic-scale panic. The panic was triggered by the growing intensity of the exit of the mud along with the gas that was pointed out as H2S gas (hydrogen sulphide). As predicted from the beginning, the hot mud burst grew even more and more inundate and the higher also drowned all public facilities and infrastructure as well as residential and residential areas in Porong Sidoarjo regency. As a result, there are also social, economic, and political impacts that increasingly create vertical tension between society and government, between society and Government, between society and PT. Lapindo, and among the people themselves. To overcome the circumstances that arise in Porong there are 2 (two) options that are made in the normal way based on normal ordinary law (ordinary law) or done in unusual ways under the laws or regulations of emergency law (exceptional law). If the handling is done under ordinary law, it is certain that all measures and actions taken should not violate generally applicable laws. On the contrary, if the chosen one is handling under emergency law, the imposition of the emergency must be preceded by an official declaration or proclamation leading to the legitimacy of such ordinary ordinary acts. If the proclamation or declaration of the emergency is done, while the steps taken are unlawful then the emergency is the so-called "emergency de facto" which should be avoided in every law state.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Lapindo Mudflow, Indemnification
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Date Deposited: 16 Feb 2022 02:15
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