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Persepsi wisatawan terhadap daerah tujuan wisata kota Batu dan dampaknya terhadap segmentasi pasar

Firdiansjah, Achmad, Khouroh, Umu and Windhyastiti, Irany (2004) Persepsi wisatawan terhadap daerah tujuan wisata kota Batu dan dampaknya terhadap segmentasi pasar. Jurnal Ekonomi, 8 (2).

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Tourism plays a significant role for economic development, especially for improving national and regional income, opening of job opportunities, introduction of cultural heritage and natural beauty of a country, fostering national unity and patriotism. In the effort to improve tourisme as one of the sources of revenue for the state and for regional primary revenue (pendapatan asli daerah, PAD), the competitiveness of the resorts and places of attraction should be enhanced so as to be able to create tourism products which can fulfill the needs and wants of the consumers. In order to obtain the needs and wants of the consumers in the sector of tourism, we conducts a research to investigate the benefits which the tourist look for, and the factors which determine the choice for a particular vacation area, especially for the town of Batu in East Java, which is located near Malang, which is the second most attractive destination for tourists in East Java. In this research, we distributed questionnaries, which has been tested for validity by using the product moment correlation and for reliability by using Cronbach's alpha test, to respondents in six vacation spots in the town of Batu, that is: Songgoriti, Cangar, Jatim Park, Coban Rondo, Selekta and Agrowisata, with the method of accidental sampling. The data in this research is analyzed with quantitative approach, by using factor analysis tecgnique and also using qualitative analysis in order to explain the effect of perception towards market segmentation. The seven perception factors of the visitors / tourists towards the town of Batu (e.g.: comfort, shopping experience, culture, price, relaxation, natural beauty and local people) is factor-analyzed. From this factor analysis, we obtain six factors which shape the perception of visitors about the vacation area of Batu, with the total variance of 74,736%, and factor loading ranges from 54,6 percent up to 88,5%. The most influential factor which determines tourists / visitors perception is shopping experience and culture. The next most influential factor is comfort, natural beauty, local people, relaxation and price, in decreasing order. From the visitors / tourusts perception of the attractiveness of vacation area of Batu, we construct four market segments for Batu, that is: cultural attraction (Jatim Park), forest attraction (Coban Rondo and Cangar), natural attraction (Songgoriti and Selecta), and agricultural attraction (Kusuma Agro Wisata).

Item Type: Article
Additional Information: Nama : Achmad Firdiansjah NIDN : 0707076901 Nama : Umu Khouroh NIDN : 0017067202 Nama : Irany Windhyastiti NIDN : 0010017407
Uncontrolled Keywords: Tourists perception, market segmentation.
Divisions: Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis > S1 Manajemen
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