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Analisis pengaruh faktor fundamental terhadap harga saham (studi empiris perusahaan di Bursa Efek Indonesia)

Irawan, Bambang (2011) Analisis pengaruh faktor fundamental terhadap harga saham (studi empiris perusahaan di Bursa Efek Indonesia). Jurnal Ekonomi, 16 (1).

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Investors need to have some information relating to the dynamics of stock princes in order to make to decisions about the company’s shares are eligible to be selected. The required information coud be investors about the financial performance of companies, management companies, the macro economic conditions and ather relevant information to assess stock prince. Stock princes is an indicator of the value of the company where the company’s value will be affected directly or indirectly by a factor of the fundamental purpose of this study was to find empirical evidence of how fundamental factors affect the stock prince of LQ-45 is publicly traded on the stock exchange. Analysis tools used in this stdy is the multiple regression to determine the direction and magnitude of the influence of fundamental factors affect the price of LQ-45 shares, then F test to determine the effect of independent variables on stock prices simultaneously and to determine the effect of indepandent variaeles on stock princes partially t test used the amount of contribution of the independent variabeles of fundamental factors affect stock prices LQ-45 can be determined from the magnitude of R –square. The test results of multiple regression showed that simultaneous inflation rate, interest rate, exchange rate and gold prices have a significant effect on stock princes, while the partial interest rast and inflation have a negative influence as well as gold prince significantly positive effect on stock prince and inflation does not affect the price the stock. The contribution of independent variables in explaining the rise and fall of stock princes is shown by the magnitude of R-square is equal to 90% and the rest explained by othervariables.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Inflation, interest rates, the exchange rate, gold price, the stock price LQ-45
Divisions: Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis > S1 Ekonomi Pembangunan
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Date Deposited: 09 Feb 2022 15:59
Last Modified: 09 Feb 2022 15:59

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