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Semiotic Interpretation on the Symbolical Meaning of Javanese Alphabet Aksara

Mulyoso, Mulyoso (2003) Semiotic Interpretation on the Symbolical Meaning of Javanese Alphabet Aksara. Journal of Language and Literature Poetica, 3 (1).

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This study is based on the thesis that human civilization is dependent upon signs and system of signs, and the human mind is inseparable from the functioning of signs. The concept of sign may prove as fundamental to the sciences of an as the concept of atom has been for the physical sciences or the concept of cell for the biological sciences. Meanwhile, as Eco (1976) said that signification encompasses the whole of cultural life. Therefore, a discipline that tries to study the sign systematically and comprehensivelly named semiotics is needed. To put in bluntly, this discipline deals with meanings and massages in all their forms and in all their contexts. Semiotics today has been many times revisited in order to study phenomena that seem to be multidimensional. This discipline, as Eco (1976:6) stated, is co-exstensive with the whole range of cultural phenomena. This study, by using the semiotic framework, sees that Javanese culture embodies rich semiotic system in each of its representation. The Javanese alphabetical system, for instance, is open to various semiotic interpretation due to the symbolical distinctive of the Javanese culture itself. The analysis of this study uses both the speculative and emprical approach (Sedyawati, 1994) namely by relying on the researcher's knowledge as the instrument as well as by using intertextual analysis. The intertextual analysis is done by studying some Javanese literary texts and primbons (books of guidance). The result shows that although there seems to be two kinds of interpretation of the symbolical meaning of Aksara; the mythological and rational, the conclusion remains the same, namely that the Javanese has uniquely employed symbolism a device to make abstraction.

Item Type: Article
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Semiotic, Javanese, alphabetics, signification, abstraction
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